Steel City Tool Works 40200H Planer Review

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Steel City Tool Works 40200H Planer

Steel City Tool Works 40200H Planner is a 13-ince planer with cutter head and has a motor rated at 15 amps. It offers two feed speed, good power and dust collection, three-knife cutter head, fast and easy knife changes, and it only has a moderate or light weight. It includes speed, universal, 15 amps 120V single phase, and 60 hertz motor with a removable switch key. Also, this amazing equipment has helical head, torx wrench, and dust chute and user manual with parts breakdown.

40200H Planer

Who Should Buy This Product

This planer is good for both professional woodworkers and those whose hobby is creating pieces of furniture from wood during their free time. This type of equipment perfectly soothes the wants and needs of those who love to do woodworking projects.

Product Description

The Steel City Tool 40200H planer assures the users its durability. The longevity or the lifetime would not be put in question because this product has indeed a longer life span compared to any other product. The spiral cutting head of this tool is very helpful as it can be change easily. It only have light or moderate weight which is 95 lbs., thus, it can be easily carry by anyone. With the high ability or power of its motor, the usage of this incredible equipment saves your time and lessens your effort as well. The sides of this are steel and the material that this tool are made of are of high quality and it was perfectly set up for the customers need. When the users purchased it, they don’t have to adjust anything on it because it is all ready to use. Furthermore, it has long support tables, quiet to use even during full load, and it leaves a good finish. It also has manuals so the beginners would be knowledgeable enough to use the equipment.

Product Features

  • Universal motor which is 15 Amperes, 60 Hz and 120 Volts
  • Speed of the cutter head is 9,000 revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Maximum stock width of 13 inches, minimum stock thickness is 1/8 inches
  • 26 FPM feed rate
  • It has a 5 years warranty


The Steel City Tool Works 40200H 13-Inch Planner has a spiral cutter head feature with a maximum width stock of 13-inch and a minimum thickness stock of 1/8-inch. It has a 9000 RPM cutter head speed and a feed rate of 26 FPM. The power of the tool’s head drives the patented helical cutter head so that it will be able to provide high power for the full width planning or long run job of the tool. The helical head of the Steel City Tool Works 40200H Planer has 26 indexible HSS which is inserted for the superior finish, longer cut time, and quitter operation. This kind of incredible tool offers an extra support for the large work pieces and it also folds up easily for storage and transport. The easy process of reading the indicator allows the precise cuts and fast set up time as well. The snipe lock of this tool firmly locks the cutter head assembly to help in minimizing the snipe. This standard equipment dust chute can be used on 4 inches or 2 ½ inches hose for the great chip extraction. The switch of this tool is removable for the users to use it easily.


In putting or wiping the grease from the metal surface, the grease sometimes spread and surrounds the entire cutter head of the tool. The only thing that users have to do about this product is to take care of putting the grease on the metal surface and just put a little amount of it to avoid or prevent the grease from spreading on surfaces where it is not needed.

Customers Reviews and Scores

The Steel City Tool Works 40200H Planer has a total of 10 customer review where the users have expressed and appreciation on the benefits that this product provides them. The customer’s comments with regards to the product are all constructive and helpful. Out of the 10 customer review and score, 5 of them gave the highest score which is 5 star; 1 of the customer gave it 4 star; 2 of them provided a 3 star rating; and 2 of the reviewers who have purchased the product said that it deserve a 1 star rating.

This customer review and scores shows that 50% of the customers who have purchased the product gave it an excellent rating and 30% of the customers gave a fair rate on it. But with regards to their comments on the products usage, they all have mentioned several benefits that this tool has given to them.


Steel City Tool Works 40200H Planer is amazing equipment that someone would wish and love to have. With all the features and benefits that it offers to the users, it will definitely worth your money. The purchasing of this product is available whether online or in the market, therefore, anyone can have it anytime they want or need.

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