How to Repair Porter-Cable Pancake Compressor

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A porter-cable pancake compressor provides a powerful source of energy to any air-powered tools found in an average household. It comes in different sizes, designs, and shapes with different tasks and usage. The shape of the porter-cable pancake compressor provides stability to the tool to prevent it from falling over when in use. The pancake compressor can be used for various tasks in the workplace and at home including filling flat tires, sandblasting, and nail gunning. A quality pancake air compressor should feature a tank pressure gauge, a belt guard, a horse rack, a protective thermal overload control button, and a safety relief valve that has been certified by a respected standards organization. The porter-cable pancake compressor’s ability to be powered using gas or electricity as well as its portability makes it one of the most popular tools among carpenters, construction workers, and dry wallers. Proper use of this device is important for its longevity and for the safety of its users. However, there are some problems involving the compressor that may be experienced by its users including excessive buildup of air pressure, motor not operating properly, and air leaks. Below are some tips on how to troubleshoot or repair a porter-cable pancake compressor.

Porter-Cable Pancake Compressor

Porter-Cable Pancake Compressor

The users of the pancake compressor are advised to regularly clean its air filter since the compressor may blow its fuse if the device itself senses something that blocks the incoming air passage. Moreover, the corrosion of the pancake compressor’s tank can be prevented by draining the accumulated condensation in the tank on a daily basis. Users are also advised not to use or attach extension cord on the device as it affects the performance and functionality of the compressor motor. Instead, users can attach a longer tube or hose to the device if a task needs to be completed in a father distance from the device.

Whenever the safety valve of the porter-cable pancake compressor pops off, users are advised to turn off the lever. The popping of the safety valve indicates that there is excess pressure in the compressor’s tank. The device will have to be repaired by professionals if the device was not shut off.

Weak air output can be an indication that the device has air leaks in its fittings. Air leaks can be checked by putting soapy water on the fittings and looking for any air bubbles. Leaks can be repaired by tightening the fittings, making sure that it is not too tight.

When the motor of the porter-cable pancake compressor is not properly running or not running at all, users are advised to unplug the device from its original outlet and transfer it into another. If ever the air compressor is plugged in an extension cord, it is advisable to find another extension cord or better yet plug the device in a wall socket if there is one located near the air compressor. Users are also advised to check the air compressor’s pressure switch if the motor is still not running. The pressure switch is probably stuck in the tank. To test it, users should try to bypass the switch and wire it to the motor. However, users should not try to run the motor for several seconds without the switch as the motor cannot be shut off at the correct pressure of the tank.

Some porter-cable pancake compressor produce excessive noise while in use. This noise may be caused by loose belt guard, flywheel, and accessories. It might also be caused by the absence of oil in the crankcase and the valve plate being hit by piston. Piston can be prevented from hitting the valve by removing the cylinder head of the porter-cable pancake compressor and inspecting it for any foreign object on the top of piston. It is also advisable to put a new gasket. Meanwhile, lack of oil can be solved by replenishing the oil level and checking potential damage to the bearings of the pancake compressor. The lubrication oil of the pancake compressor should be changed based on the recommended time of the manufacturer. However, hot environment may require for regular changing of oil and its filters.

Users need to correctly determine the other causes of the malfunctioning of porter-cable pancake processor. It may be indicated by the appearance of smoke and strange smell. Users should check the user’s manual regarding the common problems of the air compressor as well as its proper way of disassembling. Users should not attempt to disassemble or repair any operational problems without reading the manual. Having an idea on how to troubleshoot a pancake compressor will enable its users to conduct simple repairs themselves. A porter-cable pancake processor is a good investment that is why it is important to properly use it and have regular inspection for early diagnosis of potential problems for longer life span of the device.


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