How to Repair Circular Saws

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Do-it-yourself works are highly recommended, especially if you own equipment and tools such as circular saws.  You have to learn even the basic ways on how to repair circular saws when it is greatly needed.

You may encounter unexpected situations wherein you really have to do some repair on your tool. You cannot immediately bring it to the repair expert due to certain instances or there is no available repairman in your place.

Repair Circular SawsYour own repairing skills will help a lot and it will save time and money because you can do the fixing or replacement right away while you do not have to spend money for the payment. Now, you can learn how to repair circular saws easily if you familiarize yourself first with the essential parts as well as the little details attached to it. Following the instructions strictly will keep you safe all the way while you are operating the tool.

The circular saw repair services are mostly experienced in fixing your tool’s problem but you should be more familiar on how they repair it. Since both of you will be dealing with the same repairing, there could be only one common method used.

The most common part of the circular saw which undergoes repair is the cord. There are instances that you accidentally cut it and you have to replace it right away.  Here is how to do it.

Carefully unplug the circular saw cord from the outlet. Cut the power first from the outlet if there is damage in the old cord.

Remove the saw handle where the cord is entering. It can be held by different screws and they must also be removed. Various manufacturers will be using different kinds of screws for the handle to be fastened together.  Other manufacturers will use a hex head, Philips head, or even older models (slotted head).  Pull its handle apart when the screws are out.

Next thing to do is to remove the bar for cord retaining which is holding the cord in place when it comes to the handle. It is a small piece of rectangular metal that is usually held with 2 screws.

After that, you will see a ground wire highlighted with green color and you have to remove it. It will then be connected to the circular saw chassis.  All of the latest circular saw models are using 3 prong plug with hot wire that is black, neutral wire (white) and ground wire (green).

Then, you can remove the screw of the cord wires from its trigger. The older styles of circular saws have wires that are directly connected to sides of the trigger.  The triggers have to be disassembled through the removal of 2 screws.  Now, the wires will be found inside the trigger and once the triggers are disassembled, you have to unscrew the posts which hold wires in their place. Depending on the screw used, you might need a hex drive bit (small), Phillips or slotted bit.  Then you need to pull out the old cord from the relief strain sheath.

Another important thing to consider is to utilize the manufacturers’ exact replacement cord for some replacements.  In most of the tool stores, they will only have that item if the brand is available for that saw.

When you already purchased the circular saw cord, push back the new cord to the relief strain sheath and assemble the wire based on how they originally came out.  For the brands with electronic triggers, a new trigger will be included by the manufacturers with a new cord.  So in this case, the assembly of the old trigger should be replaced with a new one and must be wired properly.

The last part of replacement is pressing the trigger that is rewired into its place. Connect the ground wire to the circular saw chassis. Put the ends of relief strain sheath beneath cord retaining bar and tighten it firmly. Line up the screw hole handles, attach the screws and tighten it.

These ways on how to repair circular saws are just easy and simple to do if you know what specific part you have to deal with. They do not require other tools or materials to fix it. All that is needed is your skills and concentration while repairing a certain part of the circular saw.

Ask for assistance from the repair experts if you are confused with some of its parts. Do not just proceed without further understanding the details integrated into it. A circular saw is really an essential tool and so it must be taken care properly.  When damage occurs, you have to look for ways to fix it right away.  Circular saw repairs can be found anywhere but there are some instances that they cannot meet your needs right on time.  Your repair knowledge and skills will provide you a lot of benefits and you should not miss the opportunity. If you do not know how to repair a circular saw, maybe, you can start learning now.


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